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The Creme Shop Stuck On U Hair Grips Shooky

The Creme Shop Stuck On U Hair Grips Shooky

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Add a little fun to your getting ready routine with SHOOKY Hair Grips! Made for keeping your bangs away from your face as you apply your skincare or your favorite lashes. Plus, they slide in and out of hair sections with ease.


This exquisite limited-edition hair accessory is thoughtfully designed to offer superior performance by securely holding your hair in place without the worry of slippage. Unlike conventional hair ties or accessories that may leave unsightly dents or creases in your hair, this product promises to keep your hairstyle looking sleek and dent-free, even after extended wear. Furthermore, it's built to last and can be used multiple times, making it a sustainable addition to your beauty routine. Its durability and reusability ensure that you won't need to replace it often, making it both an economical and environmentally conscious choice. Whether you are at work, engaged in physical activity, or attending a special event, this accessory will keep your hair looking flawless throughout the day.

How to use

1. Grab a 1 inch width section of hair.
2. Gently secure hair grip by placing it at the root of the hair section and sliding into desired position. Press down to secure.
3. To remove, carefully slide the grip out of the hair.


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